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Arnold (Amiga)

Arnold is an emulator of the Amstrad/Schneider CPC, Plus/CPC+ and VEB Mikroelektronik KC machines. The 8-bit Amstrad CPC (Colour Personal Computer) machines, released on the market back in 1984, entered into direct competition with the other popular 8-bit machines at the time - the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, sharing the same processor - the Zilog Z80, and the Commodore 64, with attractive colorful graphics and synthesizer quality sound. The CPC range of computers became very successful in the western part of Europe, spawning thousands of software titles - mainly games, but also application software. The all-in-one concept of the machines made them easily accessible for the people who wanted affordable computer in their home or office. Sinclair games and education titles are easily portable to the Amstrad machines, making the Amstrad CPC series of computers desired platforms for gaming and education. The first Amstrad CPC models - CPC464 featured 64KB of RAM, Zilog Z80A processor at 4 MHz, up to 16 colours video from a palette of 27 colours, three channel AY-3-8912 audio and built-in tape deck. The later Amstrad CPC models - CPC6128 featured more memory - 128 KB of RAM and floppy disk drive. The latest Amstrad CPC compatible machines - the Plus series featured hardware sprites and scrolling for games, additional colors with choice of 32 colours from a palette of 4096, DMA sound and analogue joysticks. Thanks to the Arnold emulator, users can enjoy the software written for all the CPC and CPC+ range on Amiga machines.

Screenshot of Arnold emulator for Amiga running the game Burning Rubber. Screenshot of Arnold emulator for Amiga running the game Turrican.

The Arnold emulator is very accurate, featuring full 1us cycle emulation, emulation of the undocumented features of the CPC+ asic, the undocumented features of the various CRTC types, undocumented opcodes of the Z80, full support for Z80 interrupt mode 0, 1 and 2, interrupt mode 0 and mode 2 work as they would on the CPC+, all the features of the CPC+ hardware (including the incompatibilities between the CPC+ and the CPC), all the features of the CPC hardware, Genius mouse, Digital joysticks, different memory expansions: DK'tronics 64k or Dk'Tronics 256K Silicon Disc, Multiface 2 (the final model with automatic switch), Digiblaster 8-bit D/A sound device, Inicron RAMROM device, tape emulation using tape images or sampled/digitised sounds, disk emulation using disk images, CPC+ cartridge emulation using cartridge image files, scan-line interrupts from the Z8536 CIO for the KC Compact and undocumented operation of the AY-3-8912 I/O. The emulator executable file contains built-in ROMs of the emulated Amstrad machines, provided free for emulation use by Amstrad plc. The possibility to save machine snapshots make is easier to play hard to beat or very long games or typing long BASIC type-in programs. The emulator supports joysticks emulation via AmigaInput making the games more enjoyable with the retro feeling, not presented by pressing the keyboard keys.

Recommended games for Amstrad CPC machines are Alien Syndrome, Chase HQ, Elite, Gryzor, Karnov, Manic Miner, Prince of Persia and The Addams Family.

Notable games for the Amstrad Plus machines are Batman the Movie, Burnin' Rubber (included with the sold machines), Crazy Cars II, EPYX World of Sports, Pang and Robocop 2.

Quality software for the Amstrad machines, both brand new and old is widely available for download on the Internet. With Arnold, all these impressive applications and games can be used and played on the AmigaOS 4 as well.

Download Arnold (v1.15) for AmigaOS 4 View screenshot

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