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Atari800 (Amiga)

Atari800 is an emulator of the Atari 8 bit computers and the Atari 5200 game console. First the emulator was written back in 1995 and released under the GPL, after then many people worked on improving the source and the features of the emulator bringing it to its current very mature state. The 8 bit Atari computers were developed in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The machines are very capable, utilizing the concept of separate co-processors for graphics and sound. Same concept was later used for the Amiga. In fact some of the original Atari designers later made the Amiga. Different game ideas originate on the Atari which was the most capable 8-bit computer at the time, only surpassed by the Commodore 64 after 1982 in terms of capabilities and software titles available. The Atari 5200 game console, released later, was a complete flop, mainly because of the non standard joysticks, but still managed to receive some games on cartridges. The Atari800 emulator developed for more than fourteen years now is very fast, accurate and usable.

Screenshot of Atari800 emulator for Amiga running the Atari 800 game Scorpions on normal window. Screenshot of Atari800 emulator for Amiga running the Atari 800 game Reaxion from Cosine Systems.

The emulator offers wide range of features like precise sound, graphics, sprite and peripherals emulation. Supported are hardware additions like Stereo POKEYs, Paddles, Touch tablet, Amiga mouse, R-Time 8 emulation, pallete read from file, output to WAV files of the sound output, different disk formats, Printer, state files. Thanks to the Amiga Menu, launching programs or booting disks is really easy with only few clicks. Games can be played with Joystick via the LowLevel library of AmigaOS, or with keyboard. The optimized for AmigaOS graphics and sound engines gain great performance. The emulator is astonishingly fast and responsible. This is noticeable even on classic Amiga machines. The output can be on small window, resizable window or its own screen. When unused the emulator can be iconified, then it will sleep, stay quiet and leave resources for the other tasks. The active Atari 8-bit scene makes the computer attractive for wide audience of retro computer enthusiasts and old games fans. Some classic titles are worth to play even today. Games like Draconus, Montezuma's Revenge, Flowers Mania, Scorpions and Beach Head are serious competition even for experienced players. For legal reasons the original Atari ROM images are not included in the emulation package, but they are easy to obtain from the PC Xformer package.
After copying the ROM files to the Atari800 install drawer, the nice 8 bit Atari productions can be enjoyed on AmigaOS 4. Along with the Atari++, Atari800 offers the possibility to play the games from all the range of the 8 bit Atari computers on Amiga.

Download Atari800 (v2.1.0) for AmigaOS 4 View screenshot
Download Atari800 (v2.0.3) for AmigaOS 4 View screenshot

Visit the official Atari800 Homepage at Sourceforge.net

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