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Here are my projects for the Apple computer models:

AntiISDA Warrior AntiISDA Warrior - shooting game for Apple III
BoxWorld BoxWorld - puzzle game for MacOS X
BoxWorld2 BoxWorld 2 - puzzle game for MacOS X
Chips The game Chips for MacOS X
King Kong King Kong - jump and run game for MacOS X
MazezaM MazezaM - logic game for MacOS X
Garden Garden game for Apple ][
MazezaM MazezaM puzzle game for Apple ][
PowerBook G4 Review of Mac Titanium PowerBook G4
Wall Defence Wall Defence game for Apple ][

Games and programs for Apple II, with download archives containing disk images ready for emulator use.

Also available for Amiga.
Colorix - Columns clone with some twists.

Screen-shot from the game.
AntiISDA Warrior - the Apple ][ version.

Level 1 in play.
Space Probe - 1K Game from the Minigame compo 2003.

Sokoban clone.
BoxWorld - Sokoban clone with many levels.

Some contents of the disk.
Some programs and games, from various books and magazines.

Some contents of the disk.
Second disk with programs and games, from various places.

All these were tested on Apple2000e and is confirmed that they work.

Discussion on the Usenet about porting software between Apple 2 and Oric - Apple-Oric

For Apple 2 development I mostly use the following software:

KEGS - AppleIIGS emulator with many features and great compatibility. Emulates low-level 5.25" and 3.5" drive accesses.

Apple2000e - great emulator, although a little limited. It emulates only the extended memory of the Apple //e, but not the double lowres and double highres. It also doesn't execute code from the auxilary memory. Nevertheless very useful.

dasm - High level macro cross assembler, which supports the 6502 processor. Probably the best cross assembler on any platform. Just edit the source with your favourite text editor and then assemble it with dasm. Sourcecode in C is available in the archive, which means that it can be easily extended for any particular problem.

afid - Apple ][ file developer. Useful utility for transferring files between AmigaOS and Apple disk images. Only limited to DOS 3.3 disks, but I overwhelm this by using "DOS - PRODOS CONVERSION" utility from the "PRODOS USER'S DISK".

FishWings - disk image utility for viewing Apple II files (including graphics), listing BASIC files, peeking disk sectors, renaming, etc... Supports ProDOS and DOS 3.3 images.

App8ImU - Apple ][ disk image file utility. Supports DOS 3.3, ProDOS and UCSD Pascal formats.

CC65 - Complete cross development package for 65(C)02 systems, including Apple 2.

nulib2 - disk and file archiver for various Apple archive formats on the Apple 2 and Apple IIGS. Some of the formats are not supported by any other archiving/unarchiving software on the Amiga.

On the Apple 2 side I mostly use the built-in monitor - CALL-151 and the miniassembler - FCE9G from monitor. Some of the utilities are "Bag of Tricks", "Beagle BASIC", "Fantavision", "Locksmith",
"Copy II+" and "Take 1".

On the PC machines I use mostly these emulators:

AppleWin - Apple //e emulator for Windows with Color TV emulation and built-in debugger.

KEGS32 - Windows port of the KEGS emulator - Accurate and fast Apple ][ GS emulator.

ApplePC - Amazingly fast emulator for DOS with many features. Useful even under PC-Task and DOSBox.

MESS - Multi Emulator Super System. Emulates many Apple 8 bit systems, including Apple I.

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