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Older News before the year 2007:

18-Sep-2006 Added BeebEm for Amiga.
13-Sep-2006 Updated Hatari to version 0.90. (Amiga).
23-Jul-2006 Updated SimCoupe (Amiga). Now officially on SimCoupe.org
22-Jul-2006 Updated the SNES MazezaM with Music.
04-Jul-2006 Updated SimCoupe (Amiga) with Joystick support and other tiny fixes.
22-May-2006 Added Z88DK for Amiga.
17-May-2006 Added Arnold for Amiga.
14-May-2006 Updated Hatari to version 0.83. (Amiga).
09-May-2006 Updated SimCoupe (Amiga).
02-Apr-2006 Updated GBamaTron (GameBoy and GameBoy Color).
19-Mar-2006 Added SimCoupe (Amiga).
06-Mar-2006 Updated the website's design.
05-Mar-2006 Updated KEGS (Amiga).
27-Feb-2006 Added new picture of myself and updated BOFH: Servers Under Siege for AmigaOS 4.
25-Feb-2006 Updated SDDapple to version 0.20 (Amiga).
20-Feb-2006 Added OpenJazz for Amiga.
18-Feb-2006 Updated Hatari to version 0.82. (Amiga). Updated various sections of the site.
12-Feb-2006 Added CC65 for Amiga.
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