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Garden (Oric Atmos)

Garden for the Oric Atmos is remake of the original Pravetz 8D game Happening in the garden which was presented as type-in listing on the pages of the first Bulgarian computer magazine "Computer for you" back in 1989. The idea is borrowed from the IBM PC DOS game - Digger. In 1994 I took the magazine from school and retyped it in the Amiga BASIC, then adapted it to run on Amiga, and returned the magazine. Later after doing it for Amiga I decided to make an entry with it for the 2003 Minigame competition, in the 1 KiloByte game category, where it finished 18th out of 26 entries. Placing the game in only 1024 bytes forced removal of the title screen and the high scores. Yet it still stayed 100% in BASIC while the graphics and game play remain intact.

Screenshot of the game Garden for Oric Atmos, at early level. Screenshot of the game Garden for Oric Atmos, at later level.

The game graphics are only in three colors (red, green and blue) using garish set - adding psychedelic effect to the atmosphere. Only one more color was added than the original type-in version, which was black and white. The game is in text mode and uses redefined character letters for graphics. Use of pseudo graphic have some advantages, the main one being the speed. For sound, the Oric BASIC commands are used - PING and EXPLODE easily utilizing the built-in AY-3-8912A sound chip. The game text have capital and small letters, which in order to be small in size for the magazine version were not used - needed redefinition of the characters because the Pravetz 8D have only capital letters by default. The screen dimensions are kept like on the original Pravetz-8D game. The game also have versions for Amiga, Apple 2 and Sinclair, each of them having peculiarities related to the specific platform.

Download Garden for Oric Atmos
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