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SDDApple (Amiga)

SDDApple emulator on AmigaOS 4 running the game Championship Lode Runner on first level. SDDApple is an emulator of the Apple ][ series of computers. Apple ][ series are 8-bit computers developed in mid 1970-ies. First model was presented to the users back in year 1977. Key features of the computer at the time include built-in keyboard, several expansion slots, colour output and internal speaker. It was very successful, spawning more models, including the 16-bit compatible machine - Apple IIGS. During it's life cycle, even with limited capabilites, the computer received huge support from the software and hardware manufacturers. Thanks to the emulator, most of the popular Apple II software of the 1980ies can be run. The emulator can run the older models Apple ][+ with 64KB RAM and Apple //e with 128KB RAM. For copyright reasons, original ROM image of the computers is not included in the archive, but is easy to obtain and convert with the included bwrommak utility. After start of the emulator, pressing F1 invokes requester to select the disk image. After selection of the image, press Ctrl+F12 and type on the prompt PR#6 to boot the disk. Public domain BASIC interpreter is included in the archive, meaning that the emulator can be tested and run without original ROM. For running Apple II software and games, original monitor.rom file is recommended. The program is released under the GPL license and full source is included in the archive.

SDDApple emulator on AmigaOS 4 running the game Conan on second stage. Popular titles for the Apple ][ computers include games: Alice in Wonderland, Archon, Aztec, Bard's Tale, Conan, Drol, Evolution, Fat City, Galaxian, Hard Hat Mack, Impossible Mission, Jungle Hunt, Karateka, Lode Runner, Mabel's Mansion, Mystery House, Nibbler, Olympic Decathalon, Pac-Man, Q-Bit, Rescue Raiders, Spy Hunter, Swashbuckler, Tapper, Ultima I, II, III, IV and V, Winter Games, Zaxxon.
Some of the wide known productivity software titles are: Apple Writer, Apple Works, Dazzle Draw, Electric Duet, Fantavision, Merlin, Multiscribe, Take 1, VisiCalc.
There are also games and programs developed by me, available in the Apple section of the website.

The emulator even if not much developed and compatible as KEGS is still useful for some gaming and running software. The emulator is a good addition to the software archive of the Apple II fans and collectors around the world.

Download SDDApple (v0.21) for AmigaOS 4
Download SDDApple (v0.20) for AmigaOS 4
Download SDDApple (v0.11) for AmigaOS 4

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