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Seachess (Amiga)

Seachess is one of the early games written by me. The concept and first working versions date back to 1995 when I tinkered with the AmigaBASIC and SAS C compiler saved on several floppy disks and wanted to compile something fast using only the present system libraries. AmigaBASIC was not fast enough and was interpreted language, always requiring load of the AmigaBASIC executable. With the help of the nice written ACE (Amiga C Encyclopedia), I was able to make it in some days with the hardest part being strategy implementation of the computer player. The computer strategy is simple, yet hard to beat, by using many lookups of the playing board and random numbers if there is no winning move. There is unbeatable strategy for this kind of games, by using very small mathematical expression, but I did not implement it in the game because I prefer the game to stay interesting to the player.

Screenshot of Seachess for Amiga taken from A4000 Second Screenshot of Seachess for Amiga taken from E-UAE

As seen on the screen shots, the graphics are minimal with 8 color depth, using only the main graphic primitives - lines, dots and circles (made from dots) and little text for information of the games won and lost. The game is fully mouse driven, with fast interface and because of the clean access of the Amiga resources it works on any Amiga from A1000 to A1 and under AmigaOS 4 as well. There is no music. Back in the days of A500 I used mod players like EdPlayer or shell based players in the background, because it took several minutes and some disk swaps to compile, but it worked, so I didn't need to do it in 68000 assembler on which I had very little information back then. First published on Aminet back in 2001 when I received free Aminet CD for it along with the other uploads done by me during these days, so its impossible to say if it is exactly for this game. The name comes from the Bulgarian calling of the Tic-Tac-Toe - Morski shah (Sea Chess). The source code is small and clean and easy to port to other platforms. There is also version for Oric (Pravetz-8D).

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