# SimCoupe emulator for Amiga
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SimCoupe (Amiga)

SimCoupe is a multiplatform SAM Coupe emulator. The SAM Coupe is an 8-bit Z80-based home computer released in 1989 by Miles Gordon Technology. Although superior in its features compared to the other 8 bit machines in the market at the time, and the claim as being a successor of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, it didn't succeed in the space, where the 16-bit machines (Amiga, Atari, Macintosh, Sega Mega Drive and IBM PC) were already established as a standard. Nevertheless some great software titles were released for the machine, taking advantage of it's unique sound and graphic capabilities. Thanks to SimCoupe you can enjoy all the SAM Coupe software right on your Amiga with all the extras the emulation provides, like fast disk access, hard disks, extra memory and Joysticks. The emulator works straight forward from the installation archive and there is no complicated procedures to run it.

Screenshot of SimCoupe on Amiga with the game Prince of Persia and menu open. Screenshot of SimCoupe on Amiga with the game Boing.

The AmigaOS 4 port is based on the SDL port of the emulator featuring nice menu system. The graphics are accurately emulated and the sound thanks to the SAA library is perfect. The Amiga version supports Joysticks via AmigaInput and SAM Mouse emulated via the Amiga mouse. Being commercially supported only for few years, the platform still managed to receive some original software titles and not only ports. Some games enjoyable to play, include but are not limited to Prince of Persia, Lemmings, Boing, Sphera and Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters. On the demo side Lyra 3 Megademo, MNEMO Demo 1 and MNEMO Demo 2. Disk based magazines like FRED, Sam Adventure and Sam Supplement are worth to read. Utilities are also present for the platform - Comet Z80 Assembler, SAM C and SAM Paint are some of them. From the old time SAM Coupe user to the new to the SAM Coupe scene, the emulator is a must if one wants to enjoy the computer. The emulator originaly written for MS-DOS, today is available for great many platforms.

Download SimCoupe (v1.2) for AmigaOS 4 View readme file

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