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WLA-DX (AmigaOS 4)

WLA-DX on AmigaOS 4.1 shell, after assembling the DCEvolution intro. WLA-DX is a macro assembler package for a wide range of processors, running on different platforms, including, but not limited to AmigaOS 1-3 and AmigaOS 4. It assembles code for 6502, 65C02, 6510, 65816, GB-Z80, HuC6280, SPC-700 and Z80 processors. Because of its flexibility, easy to use, expandability potential and fast assembly time, it became the de-facto standard among the classic console programmers. I use it since 2002 when I did some test projects in assembler and wielded with it. Later I put together games and demos with the assembler package and they worked better than expected. Advantage of using the WLA-DX over the other assemblers is that it supports different platforms and processors. So if you are used on it on DOS/Windows or UNIX, you can easily transfer your work on Amiga. The same can be said about the processors - once you get used programming with it on the 6502 for example, you will find not much trouble using the Z80 assembler with the same package, than when switching to another assembler package. Some of WLA-DX assembled works were released to the public. Most notable titles I did with WLA-DX are the Sega Master System game AntiISDA Warrior, the 1K Sega Master System game Robbyie (Both games in Z80 assembler), the Super Nintendo (SNES, Super Famicom) game MazezaM (Done in 65812 assembler) and the DCEvolution promotional intro (Z80 assembler). I have dozen of other projects done with the assembler, but they were not released. On the Internet and especially in the forums, there is a big resource of tips, tricks and source codes done with WLA-DX. For every enthusiast, who wishes to program something for the retro computers and console platforms in assembler, the macro assembler is very recommended. The package is updated often and it is easy to be tweaked by the user for very specific tasks or requirements. On this page I have put the AmigaOS 4 version with compiled binaries and full source code. It is very easy to change the source code (written in C) and then recompile it with the included AmigaOS 4 makefile, done by me, back in 2005. Programming in assembler is really fun with WLA-DX, and there are included examples in the archive, which can be used as a template for bigger and more serious projects or as an educational code.

Download DLA-DX (v9.5a) for AmigaOS 4 View readme file
Download WLA-DX (v9.2) for AmigaOS 4 View readme file
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