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AntiISDA Warrior (Apple III)

The game AntiISDA Warrior developed first for the Oric Atmos computers was ported to wide variety of platforms. One of these platforms is also the obscure and very rare computer platform - the Apple III. The main idea came, when I resembled one of the demo BASIC programs in the book which came bundled with my Pravetz-8D computer. I used to play it at the beginning of my Pravetz-8D experience, when I had no other games. The gameplay concept is simple and easy to realize on any platform, which I did. Some of the systems on which it is already available, I never had touch or developed for before, but the experience when doing it, is a valuable asset for the future projects for the machine. One of the platforms to which I was able to port the game is the Apple III with the use of Business BASIC by Apple Computer. The Apple III computers first introduced in 1980, but only usable in 1981, became highly unsuccessful platform, mainly because of the introduction of the IBM-PC, which was faster, easy and cheap to manufacture by third parties and had more attactive price. I was developing for Apple II computers for a long time and the Apple III programming was very similar to the Apple II series, especially the BASIC, with the only exception of not being able to use PEEKs and POKEs for direct software registers access. Getting used to the S.O.S (Sophisticated Operating System), which is the precursor of the more popular ProDOS and the Apple HFS is another valuable asset for future programming projects. Since there are not many sotware tools available for the machne, I left the game in it's current state playable in Interpretted BASIC (Business BASIC) form and using one of the demo fonts, that can be easily changed for more complex games and graphics. The Business BASIC has many modern languages features, like the external libraries for the graphics that I used, the nice keyboad handling and built-in Joystick functions. The sound is done by the provided BASIC console interface, since there is no standard sound library in the demo packages.

The game goal, idea and concept was kept intact for the Apple III - the same as the other versions, despite using only characters in text mode. The story which I made by myself is still present, only this time you are saving Apple III warez, if there is such term. The warez are going to be removed, if you can not hold the attack. The game gets harder and harder with the levels passed, where the invaders go closer and closer to the missile (called pingbomb). The similarity to the game Space Invaders is not only coincidental, but here only the shots are movable, and not the enemies or the initial place for fire, which needs a strategy when the player does not know where the next shoot position will be held. If the attack is not stopped, there is end screen and text, or if the attack is successfully deterred, there is an outro. The other platforms for which the game is also available are:

Download AntiISDA Warrior for Apple III
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