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Garden (Apple 2)

Garden for the Apple 2 was first done back in 1992, with BASIC compiler and usage of HIRES (high resolution) characters resembling the original Oric redefined characters. Later after the source code and the game itself were lost, I rewrote it from scratch in 6502 assembler, next to the Amiga and Sinclair versions. As for the other ports, the idea is taken from the Pravetz-8D game - Happening in the garden, which itself is borrowed on the idea of IBM PC DOS game - Digger. The source code is assembled with the DASM assembler but it shall be no problem for other assemblers to make executable file. The main character of the game is controlled by joystick and difficulty raises as the game goes further.

Screenshot with the title of the game Garden for Apple II. Screenshot of the game Garden for Apple II during play.

The graphics are in six colors, present by the Apple 2 standard high resolution palette - slightly more than the original Pravetz-8D version, which used only 2 colors - black and white, much like older digital watches and florescent watches used to, but less than on the Amiga and Sinclair versions, where 8 colors are used. For the graphics the concept of redefined character set is used, like the original Pravetz-8D game, but drawn on HIRES screen. Because of the Apple 2 specific feature, where you can draw certain color only on even or odd horizontal pixel coordinate, the game have different flowers and obstacles colors without any additional effort, which is unique to the Apple 2 version. The text have capital and small letters, which normally are not available on the Pravetz-8D because the small letters were used for the Cyrillic alphabet. The screen dimensions are kept like on the original Pravetz-8D game. For the sound the Apple 2 beeper is used which is less powerful than the Pravetz-8D audio output driven by the AY-3-8912A sound chip. The game is present on boot-able DOS disk, which is only need to be inserted in the Apple disk drive and rebooted, but it is easily installable on hard drive or PRODOS disk. Garden also have versions for Amiga, Sinclair and Oric, each of them having peculiarities related to the respective platform.

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