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MazezaM (Commodore 64)

The game MazezaM for Commodore 64 on the second level. MazezaM is a puzzle game, where the player must guide his character through a mazealike room to the exit, by sliding the walls. The rules seems simple and easy to solve, but once the player passes the first levels, he finds himself in a much harder situations. The motivation to go on and see the next levels is still going on at the harder levels, making the game fun for long hours. Sometime it can take hours just to pass a single level. The puzzle game MazezaM for Commodore 64 was developed soon after the Apple II version of the game was finished. The Commodore 64 have a 6502 compatible processor, like the Apple 2, so the gamecode was not hard to translate. Unlike the Apple II, the C64 have graphic and sound coprocessors, which I utilized when transferring the game to Commodore machine. This took extra efforts, but finally at the beginning of year 2004, the game was ready for first public release. Only some hours after I published the C64 version of the game, cracked pirate version was uploaded to some C64 servers, with intro and trainer. Later, second crack by other group appeared. It proved to be quite popular among the C64 gamers, being reviewed in a magazine and web sites.

The game MazezaM for Commodore 64 on the nineth level. For the Commodore 64 version, even if using the same codebase as the one already done for the Apple II, I took the advantage of sprites, SID music and colorful graphics. In the latest C64 version, thirteen mind boggling levels are included. If our hero passes through all of them, he escapes the castle and nice end sequence is shown. The game is available on many different platforms, with peculiarities and features present of most of the ports. Currently MazezaM is available for the following computer and console systems:

  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum - original version written by Malcolm Tyrrell,
  • Amiga - the most worked on and polished version of any platform. The main basis for the other ports.
  • Apple Mac OS X - exact port of the AmigaOS 4 version.
  • Apple II - 4K minigame version with high resolution graphics and sprites,
  • Oric Atmos - the puzzle game returned back to its original platform,
  • Coleco Vision - written in C, also working on the Coleco ADAM computers,
  • Game Boy Color (Classic) - colorful version for the little handheld,
  • Super Nintendo - SNES version with double sized graphics,
  • CP/M - version in text mode working on this ancient platform with VT52 terminal,
  • Windows - another exact port of the AmigaOS 4 version.
  • Java applet - version working in Java enabled browsers,
  • Rockbox - the game on the open sourced firmware for mp3 players.

MazezaM is very catchy game. The wide availability on the different range of platforms, makes it a perfect game for the logic games fans. The C64 version is a nice addition for the puzzle fans around to world, who love to play on the Commodore 8 bit machines - C64 and C128. The game is present in a D64 disk image, which is easy to transfer to real C64 or played on emulator. The game file size is very small, achieved with the use of Pucrunch lossless compression utility. Full source code of the game is included in the archive as well.

Download MazezaM (v1.2) for C64
Download MazezaM (v1.1) for C64
Download MazezaM (v1.0) for C64
Download MazezaM (v1.0) for C64, crack by BLAZON
Download MazezaM (v1.0) for C64, crack by Aldi
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