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Wall Defence (Commodore VIC 20)

Wall Defence game for the Commodore VIC-20 - title screen. Wall Defence is a game which I developed on the Amiga back in 2002. The game is based on the Pravetz-8D game Opaltchenetz, written in BASIC, which I had as a type in the pages of the first bulgarian computer magazine Computer za Vas (Computer for You). The main character is a knight who have to protect his fortress. He is at the top of a fortress or the Wall and have to stop the invasion of the orcs who try to climb up with the help of ladders. The player throw stones at them, but can hold only one stone at a time and after it is thrown, you have to pick another stone from selected places of the building. The invaders does not move regulary and some of them are faster than the others, meaning the player have to develop his own strategy to avoid being killed by the one who climbs up. While it is more obvious to throw the stones at the fastest climbers at the beginning it is better to aim for all the climbers, because when they are at the lower part of the wall it is hard to tell which will be faster or slower. While going from the left part to the right part of the wall it is also better to throw a stone and get another stone, than holding it all the time. If some climber is faster the player also have to measure which is the shortest way to take a stone a bring it back and throw it at the menace. The game is played with Joystick or keyboard and works on unexpanded VIC-20. For each thrown out of the wall invader, points added to the score are rewarded. In the end the HighScore is saved for later challenge. With the progress of the player the game gets harder, while the orks climb faster.

Wall Defence game for the Commodore VIC-20 - during play. The whole game including the sound effects and graphics can be assembled with the freeware dasm. Full source code is provided in the game archive. I wrote it entirely in assembler for speed. The game currently have versions for Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Oric Atmos, Nintendo Game Boy, Apple II and Amiga. The game is really fun to play, the gameplay is simple but addictive. For all the Commodore VIC-20 and retro fans, the game is must have.

Download Wall Defence (v1.0) for Commodore VIC-20
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