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Solution for World 06 of the game BoxWorld

On the sixth stage, the player meets for first time the InertBox and the rough terrain. The stage is not harder than the fifth, but the player gets to know about the new box type and the new terrain. The IceBoxes were introduced on the fourth stage and are not unknown to the player anymore.

Step by step solution

BoxWorld Stage 6 - initial position.
From the start position - go UP once, then push the InertBox to LEFT once.
BoxWorld Stage 6 - go up and push left.
Now push the IceBox UP once.
BoxWorld Stage 6 - push up.
Go RIGHT, then UP.
BoxWorld Stage 6 - go right, then up.
Push the IceBox to the LEFT once.
BoxWorld Stage 6 - push left.
Now you have ot use the InertBox as a stopper for the IceBox. Go LEFT, then DOWN, then LEFT, then DOWN again.
BoxWorld Stage 6 - go left, down, left, down.
Push the InertBox to the RIGHT once, then go UP, then RIGHT, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN and finally LEFT.
BoxWorld Stage 6 - push right, then go up, right, right, down, down and left.
Push the InertBox UP, then go LEFT, UP, UP, UP, UP and RIGHT.
BoxWorld Stage 6 - push up, then go left, up, up, up, up and right.
Please note that, if there is no stopper for the IceBox, it will simply pass the socket, but the player will not be teleported. Now push the IceBox DOWN once, to its place.
BoxWorld Stage 6 - push down to complete.
Congratulations. You have completed the sixth World. Get ready for the seventh.

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