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Solutions for the game MazezaM

MazezaM 01 MazezaM 02 MazezaM 03
MazezaM 04 MazezaM 05 MazezaM 06
MazezaM 07 MazezaM 08 MazezaM 09
MazezaM 10 MazezaM 11 MazezaM 12
MazezaM 13 MazezaM 14 MazezaM 15
MazezaM 16 MazezaM 17 MazezaM 18
MazezaM 19 MazezaM 20 MazezaM 21
MazezaM 22 MazezaM 23 MazezaM 24
MazezaM 25 MazezaM 26 MazezaM 27
MazezaM 28 MazezaM 29 MazezaM 30
MazezaM 31 MazezaM 32 MazezaM 33
MazezaM 34 MazezaM 35 MazezaM 36
MazezaM 37 MazezaM 38 MazezaM 39
MazezaM 40 MazezaM 41 MazezaM 42

The solutions provided here are for the game MazezaM available for the following platforms:

  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum - original version written by Malcolm Tyrrell,
  • Amiga - the most developed version, basis for the other ports,
  • Apple Mac OS X - exact port of the AmigaOS 4 version.
  • Apple II - 4K minigame version with high resolution graphics and sprites,
  • Oric Atmos - the puzzle game returned back to its original platform,
  • Commodore 64 - written in 6502 assembler with nice music,
  • Coleco Vision - written in C, also working on the Coleco ADAM computers,
  • Microsoft Windows - exact port of the Amiga version to the PC,
  • Game Boy Color (Classic) - colorful version for the little handheld,
  • Super Nintendo - SNES version with double sized graphics,
  • CP/M - version in text mode working on this ancient platform with VT52 terminal,
  • Java applet - version working in Java enabled browsers,
  • Rockbox - the game on the open sourced firmware for mp3 players.

Most of the levels have several solutions with less/more moves and pushes. Submissions of different solutions with the comments form on the levels will be warmly appreciated. Any other comments, suggestions and opinions - do not hesitate to talk.

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