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Older News before the year 2005:

29-Nov-2004 Added GigaBonux for Dragon 32.
16-Nov-2004 Updated BoxWorld 2 (Amiga).
15-Nov-2004 Updated BoxWorld (Amiga).
13-Nov-2004 Updated AntiISDA Warrior 2 for Amiga (Now the ships move).
09-Nov-2004 Added AntiISDA Warrior 2 (Amiga).
22-Oct-2004 Added Cliffhanger (Game Gear) frozen snapshot.
21-Oct-2004 Added Crystal Warriors (Game Gear) frozen snapshot and battery save.
17-Oct-2004 Added Chuck Rock (Game Gear) frozen snapshot.
10-Oct-2004 Added AntiISDA Warrior - ColecoVision version.
09-Oct-2004 Added Assembler-BASIC (Oric).
08-Oct-2004 Added Kompresor for Oric (Pravetz-8D).
05-Oct-2004 Updated the Electric Duet replayer for Oric with 21 new demo songs.
03-Oct-2004 Updated the Second Disk with various programs and games for Apple 2.
24-Sep-2004 Fixed the Amiga software links to point to the italian Aminet mirror, since the WUArchive is broken.
15-Sep-2004 Added Sonic Blast Man (Super Famicom) freeze game file.
08-Sep-2004 Added MazezaM for ColecoVision.
02-Sep-2004 Added Special Criminal Investigation (Sega Master System) frozen snapshot.
01-Sep-2004 Updated the CP/M version of MazezaM.
27-Aug-2004 Updated the DCEvolution.net promotional Intro (Sega Master System).
23-Aug-2004 Added Lakomata zmia for Oric (Pravetz-8D).
22-Aug-2004 Added Matematika (Oric).
20-Aug-2004 Added MazezaM for CP/M.
18-Aug-2004 Added BoxWorld 2 (Amiga).
13-Aug-2004 Added DCEvolution.net promotional Intro (Sega Master System).
10-Aug-2004 Added True Lies (Super Famicom) freeze game file.
09-Aug-2004 Added Cherveiche, Function Keys and Niama Vreme (Oric).
08-Aug-2004 Added Tetris for Oric (Pravetz-8D).
07-Aug-2004 Added Electric Duet replayer for Oric.
06-Aug-2004 Added Meri (Oric) and updated the Second Disk with various programs and games for Apple 2.
03-Aug-2004 Added Second Disk with various programs and games for Apple 2.
02-Aug-2004 Moved the site to faster and more reliable host at Edula.
31-Jul-2004 Updated Colorix (Apple II - 8 and 16 bit).
30-Jul-2004 Updated the Sega section with more info about emulators and development tools.
29-Jul-2004 Added Colorix for Apple 2.
27-Jul-2004 Added Cliffhanger (Super Famicom) freeze game file.
20-Jul-2004 Added Super Turrican 2 (Super Famicom) freeze game file.
19-Jul-2004 Added Super Turrican (Super Famicom) freeze game file.
17-Jul-2004 Added Futuristic Troll Simulator (Commodore 64).
16-Jul-2004 Updated AntiISDA Warrior (Unexpanded Vic-20).
15-Jul-2004 Updated Robbyie (Sega Master System).
14-Jul-2004 Updated Cat At CrossRoad (Sega Mega Drive) to a playable version.
10-Jul-2004 Added Wall Defence (GBC) and preview of Cat At CrossRoad (Sega Mega Drive).
04-Jul-2004 Added playable version of Robbyie (Sega Master System).
03-Jul-2004 Updated the preview of Robbyie for Sega Master System to version 0.31.
02-Jul-2004 Updated the preview of Robbyie for Sega Master System.
01-Jul-2004 Added preview of Robbyie for Sega Master System.
26-Jun-2004 Added Jungle Book (Game Gear) frozen snapshot.
23-Jun-2004 Updated QLView (Amiga).
17-Jun-2004 Added Sega PD Games for GBA and Bock's Birthday 2003 (SMS) Frozen.
13-Jun-2004 Added Fong (Commodore 64).
05-Jun-2004 Added AntiISDA Warrior for GameBoy Advanced via the DrSMS emulator.
02-Jun-2004 Added Beavis and Butt-Head (Super Famicom) freeze game file.
30-May-2004 Added Chuck Rock, Double Dragon and Double Hawk (SMS) frozens.
29-May-2004 Added AntiISDA Warrior SMS frozen and Jim Power freeze game file (SNES).
28-May-2004 Added Golden Axe (Version 1) (Arcade Sega) save state.
27-May-2004 Added AntiISDA Warrior for Dragon 32.
20-May-2004 Because of some whining added Commodore section. Little site appearance changes.
18-May-2004 Updated the GameBoy MazezaM with GBC enhancements and better graphics.
16-May-2004 Added Crapoid (Commodore 64).
13-May-2004 Added Lion King (Sega Master System) frozen snapshot.
12-May-2004 Added Musketari (Oric).
09-May-2004 Added Rambo - First Blood Part 2 (Sega Master System) frozen snapshot.
08-May-2004 Added Dynamite Duke (Sega Master System) frozen snapshot.
07-May-2004 Added Saxonia Issue 3 Intro with sourcecode (Amiga).
06-May-2004 Added OutRun (Sega Master System) frozen snapshot.
05-May-2004 Updated QLView (Amiga) to compile with GCC and added MorphOS native port.
04-May-2004 Added Fisherman's Passions (Sinclair).
03-May-2004 Added Big Text and Binary Show (Oric).
27-Apr-2004 Added Monitor (Oric).
23-Apr-2004 Added AntiISDA Warrior 2 (Oric).
21-Apr-2004 Added Hang-On (Arcade Sega) save state.
20-Apr-2004 Added Megaman (Game Gear) and Wonder Boy (Master System) frozens.
16-Apr-2004 Fixed the SMS AntiISDA Warrior to work correctly under the MEKA emulator.
14-Apr-2004 Added Johnson's Copy (Oric). Little update in the About section.
13-Apr-2004 Added Tintin au Tibet (Game Gear) frozen snapshot.
12-Apr-2004 Added Power Rangers (Game Gear) frozen snapshot.
11-Apr-2004 Added Ghouls 'n Ghosts and Rygar (Sega Master System) frozen snapshots.
10-Apr-2004 Added Prikazka for Pravetz-8D and Golden Axe SMS frozen snapshot.
09-Apr-2004 Added BASIC Helper Add-on (Oric) and Danan the Jungle Fighter frozen (SMS).
08-Apr-2004 Added BASIC Helper utility for Oric and Dead Angle frozen snapshot for SMS.
07-Apr-2004 Added Streets Of Rage, Streets Of Rage 2 and Wonderboy (GG) frozen snapshots.
06-Apr-2004 Added Wall Defence for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
03-Apr-2004 Added The Ninja and Streets of Rage 2 (SMS) frozen snapshots.
02-Apr-2004 Added Trihex (Oric). Added 46! GameBoy Trainer patches. Minor redesign changes.
31-Mar-2004 Updated the Amiga BoxWorld with many new features.
28-Mar-2004 Added HIRES Move (Oric).
24-Mar-2004 Added cracked version of AntiISDA Warrior for the Commodore 64.
23-Mar-2004 Added Buggy Run and Streets Of Rage - Sega Master System frozen snapshots.
22-Mar-2004 Added Musical keyboard (Oric).
21-Mar-2004 Added Cheese Cat-astrophe (SMS) and True Lies (GG) frozen snapshots.
20-Mar-2004 Added Ataka, GETRON and Smiatanitza for Pravetz 8D (Oric).
19-Mar-2004 Added Aleste and Altered Beast (SMS) frozens. Bugfixed AntiISDA for the C64.
18-Mar-2004 Added AntiISDA Warrior (C64). Updated the Amiga MazezaM with better graphics.
16-Mar-2004 Fixed a bug in AntiISDA Warrior for the SMS.
14-Mar-2004 Added AntiISDA Warrior for the Sega Master System.
12-Mar-2004 Added Mozaika (Oric).
10-Mar-2004 Added AntiISDA Warrior for the unexpanded Vic-20 and as80 (Amiga).
05-Mar-2004 Added Rastan (Master System) frozen snapshot.
04-Mar-2004 Added BoxWorld (Amiga).
27-Feb-2004 Added Smurfs (Master System) frozen snapshot.
25-Feb-2004 Added emulator fix to the C64 BoxWorld (Thanks to iAN CooG/Hokuto Force for it).
24-Feb-2004 Added deluxe version of the Sinclair Garden and SWEET release of C64 BoxWorld.
23-Feb-2004 Added C64 version of BoxWorld and Aerial Assault (Master System) frozen snapshot.
21-Feb-2004 Added Apple 2 version of BoxWorld.
20-Feb-2004 Added BoxWorld (Oric).
19-Feb-2004 Added ScreenSaver (Oric) and source for the Keyboard driver from the Oric piano.
16-Feb-2004 Added Double Dragon (Game Gear) and Captain Silver (SMS) frozen snapshots.
15-Feb-2004 Added GBamaTron (GameBoy and GameBoy Color) full release.
14-Feb-2004 Updated the Various disk (Apple 2) with more programs - the disk is full now.
11-Feb-2004 Added another cracked version of C64 MazezaM.
09-Feb-2004 Added cracked C64 version of MazezaM. Updated QLView and MazezaM.
08-Feb-2004 Added full version of C64 MazezaM.
06-Feb-2004 Updated the Oric MazezaM - cosmetic fixes. Added preview C64 version of MazezaM.
03-Feb-2004 Fixed bug in Apple 2 MazezaM. The Amiga MazezaM now have music.
31-Jan-2004 Fixed Apple 2 MazezaM to work on IIGS. Updated the Various disk (Apple 2).
28-Jan-2004 Updated Apple 2 version of MazezaM.
26-Jan-2004 Updated MazezaM and added Apple 2 version. Added Lion King (Game Gear) frozen.
20-Jan-2004 Updated MazezaM. Added MazezaM solutions. Added Fire&Ice (Sinclair) snapshot.
12-Jan-2004 Added links to french Reviews for some of my Amiga games. Moved to faster host.
06-Jan-2004 Added MazezaM - Oric version and Cutthroat Island (Game Gear) frozen snapshot.
03-Jan-2004 Added Aleste GG (Game Gear) frozen snapshots (Normal and Special modes).
01-Jan-2004 Happy new year. Added MazezaM (GameBoy) .gbs snapshot.
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