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Older News before the year 2009:

27-Dec-2008 Added Ristar DGen save snapshot (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive).
27-Dec-2008 Updated the game Garden for Amiga to version 1.4.
27-Dec-2008 Added Another World DGen save snapshot (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive).
26-Dec-2008 Added review of the book The encyclopedia of Game Machines.
25-Dec-2008 Updated XRoar to version 0.22 (AmigaOS 4).
14-Dec-2008 Updated Atari800 for AmigaOS 4.
04-Dec-2008 Added Addams Family, The DGen save snapshot (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive).
02-Dec-2008 Updated Hatari - the Atari ST/STe/TT/Falcon emulator for AmigaOS 4 and added Hatari Screenshots.
16-Nov-2008 Added Turrican DGen save snapshot (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive).
12-Nov-2008 Added Old versions of Hatari emulator for Amiga.
11-Nov-2008 Updated Hatari (AmigaOS 4).
04-Nov-2008 Added Atari++ Atari 8 bits computers and Atari 5200 emulator (Amiga).
01-Nov-2008 Added Nokia N-Gage review (Mobile phone).
27-Oct-2008 Added Streets of Rage 3 DGen save snapshot (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive).
26-Oct-2008 Added Streets of Rage and Streets of Rage 2 DGen save snapshots (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive).
25-Oct-2008 Added translation of the AmigaOS 4.1 review.
19-Oct-2008 Added DGen - Sega MegaDrive (Genesis) emulator (Amiga).
12-Oct-2008 Updated the About section with some new data and translation.
06-Oct-2008 Added XRoar (v0.21) - Dragon/Tandy emulator for Amiga.
28-Sep-2008 Added translations of Apple section and Garden for Apple 2. Changed the menu panel.
27-Sep-2008 Added MazezaM (Apple II) review.
25-Sep-2008 Added Toshibo V9+i review (Mobile Phone).
23-Sep-2008 Site got its own domain at http://hirudov.com Please update your bookmarks.
22-Sep-2008 Added bulgarian language for the start page and old news.
21-Sep-2008 Updated SimCoupe (Amiga).
20-Sep-2008 Updated MazezaM for Oric along with review of the game.
18-Sep-2008 Added review of AmigaOS 4.1 for mAmigaOne.
15-Sep-2008 Added Happening in the Garden (Oric). Added reviews of Garden for Amiga, Apple 2, Sinclair and Oric.
14-Sep-2008 Updated Hatari (Amiga) to version 1.3 with many bugfixes and improvements. Added Seachess (Amiga) review.
31-Aug-2008 Added Text Mode MazezaM for Apple 2. Updated the CP/M version of MazezaM.
24-Aug-2008 Updated BeebEm for Amiga to version 0.13.
21-Aug-2008 Updated with english version of my masters course work.
09-Aug-2008 Updated the CP/M version of MazezaM. Minor design changes.
21-Jul-2008 Updated CC65 for Amiga.
14-Jul-2008 Updated Hatari to version 1.0.1 (Amiga).
12-Jul-2008 Updated Z88DK for Amiga. Removed pictures of me.
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