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MazezaM (Nintendo Gameboy Classic / Gameboy Color)

MazezaM game for Nintendo Gameboy at first level. MazezaM is a puzzle game, which I made available for many different platforms. The version presented here is the port for the Nintendo Gameboy Classic and the Gameboy Color. I developed it for the Gameboy back in the years 2003-2004, after succesful compilation of some C source codes with the GameBoy Developer's Kit (GBDK). The game engine and the game itself was ported to C before, so it was not hard adapting it to the Gameboy specifics in both hardware and processor power. The game itself is not demanding in resources, so it does not need any optimizations for speed and the libraries and examples present in the GBDK archive were enough for implementing the whole game. The game character uses the hardware sprite available on the Gameboy. The rest of the graphics are done with the use of the GBDK's text engine with redefinition of some of the characters for representing bricks and blocks. The game program checks after startup of the ROM, on what platform it is ran and if it is Gameboy Classic or Gameboy Color, adjusts it's palette according to the host platform. There is even possibility to check if it under Super Gameboy (Gameboy cartridges adapter for SNES), but I skipped support for the SGB. The game makes use of the richer palette of the Color Gameboy, while fully working on the classic Gameboy as well, or the Super Gameboy. Music was planned, but I was out of luck when looking for unused music from the Gameboy musicians. Nevertheless, the game is fully playable and have all the levels present on the other platforms, without being limited by the Gameboy's smaller screen size and unusual aspect ratio.

MazezaM game for Nintendo Gameboy at fourth level.

The goal of this game looks simple. It's like commercial cleaning, you just have to clean house and keep going and don't turn back. You have to pass from the left part of the level to the right, by sliding the walls and making corridors between them, which you can pass through. Once you get to the right part of the level, the character goes through straight corridor to the next level. The game gets harder with every level passed. But the motivation of the player to go to the next level raises as well. MazezaM is also available for other various platforms with wide range of features on every different hardware. At the moment, it is available as Java applet and versions for Sinclair, Amiga, Apple Mac OS X, Windows, Apple ][, Commodore 64, Super Nintendo, Oric Atmos (Pravetz-8D), Coleco Vision and Coleco ADAM, CP/M and Rockbox. It is a real multiplatform game with peculiarities on every hardware on which is available for, starting from computers from 1970s with very limited capabilities, through consoles with extra features for games, and computers of the 1980s and 1990s, to the most recent computers and consumer electronic devices.

Download MazezaM (v1.2) for Nintendo Gameboy View readme file
Download MazezaM (v1.1) for Nintendo Gameboy View readme file
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