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Opasna Zona (Danger Zone) - Pravetz-8D/Oric Atmos

The game Opasna Zona (Danger Zone) for Pravetz-8D (Oric). Screenshot of Level 2. Opasna Zona (Danger Zone) is a game for Pravetz-8D (Oric), written by Radoslav Isaev, published as type-in BASIC listing on the pages of the bulgarian computer magazine - Computer, issue 2/1991. The game is typical Sokoban clone, where the player has to rearrange boxes in order to advance to the next stage. The realization of the game is better than most of the similar puzzle games, featuring 2X2 graphics (2 characters wide and 2 characters high) in HIRES mode. Instead of a human, in this game an animated octopus moves the boxes on the screen. Because the game have to be small and easy to fit on the magazine pages, there is no intro screen and no music. The sounds are minimal - when the player tries to do impossible move and at stage completion.

The game Opasna Zona (Danger Zone) for Pravetz-8D (Oric). Screenshot of Level 3. The octopus is controlled with the arrow keys. There is no image difference between the aleady placed correctly boxes and the rest, but this is not a problem, because the stages does not have correctly placed boxes at the beginning. There is possibility to undo one of the moves with the RETURN key, but second press of the same key restarts the stage. Provided in the archive is the original BASIC program, as published on the magazine pages, which need some time for transfer from the DATA statements to the memory. Provided in the archive is also the machine language version, which starts immediately. Solutions for the game, along with video and more pictures can be found at Danger Zone solutions page. Have a nice game.

Download Opasna Zona (Danger Zone) for Pravetz-8D (Oric)
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