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MazezaM (Oric Atmos)

MazezaM is a puzzle game invented by Malcolm Tyrrell in 2002 based on idea from Oric-1 type-in game called "Fall Guy" and resembles the puzzle logic of BoxWorld and the many other games based on it puzzles. The original version was released for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, from which I recreated it in C for the Amiga. The Oric version is based on the Amiga C source code. The goal of the game is simple yet hard to achieve as in the many puzzle games around. On every level you go from the corridor on the left side and have to pass the MazezaM and reach the corridor on the right. As the game progress the puzzles get harder, which greatly expands the motivation in the game.

First screenshot of the game MazezaM for Oric Atmos - title screen. Second screenshot of the game MazezaM for Oric Atmos - fourth level.

The game makes use of the whole Oric palette and does some tricks to achieve more colors on single scanline. The graphics are in text mode with redefined character set (pseudo graphics) allowing faster updates of the screen and easier implementation of the game engine. Animations and sound effects are present making it complete playable Oric game with fourty-two levels in total. Control of the character is done by the arrows keys because there is no standard joystick interface on the Oric. The game is also available for many other platforms with wide range of features on every platform. Currently it is available as Java applet and versions for Sinclair, Amiga, Apple Mac OS X, Windows, Apple ][, Commodore 64, Super Nintendo, Nintendo Gameboy, Coleco Vision and Coleco ADAM, CP/M and Rockbox. Truly multiplatform game with peculiarities on every different platform on which is available for, starting from computers from 1970s through consoles and computers of the 1980s and 1990s to the most recent computers and electronic devices.

Download MazezaM for Oric Atmos v1.04
Download MazezaM for Oric Atmos v1.03
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