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Snake Byte - Pravetz-8D/Oric Atmos

Snake Byte is a game for Pravetz-8D (Oric), written as a replacement of the popular game with the same name available for the Apple II series of computers. Back in the middle to late ninety-eighties, when the Bulgarian Oric clone - the Pravetz-8D was popular at the homes, it lacked many of the excellent software titles and games already available for the Apple II. Both computers - Pravetz-8D (Oric) and Pravetz-82 (Apple II) have the same CPU model - 6502, making porting of the software very easy. Additionally, many people who already had experience with programming the Apple clones, easily switched to the new more colorful and affordable home computer - the Pravetz-8D. Motivated young programmers started recreating game ideas on the Pravetz-8D by porting and rewriting software. One such porting effort is the game Snake Byte for Pravetz-8D (Oric Atmos) by Minio Nedyalkov.

The game features title screen in high resolution graphics mode, sound, levels with progressing difficulty, native Oric music and sound effects, colors and timer on the left of the screen. Like in the other Worm games, the player must catch a target for a limited time, without crashing himself in an obstacle or eating himself. The first levels look easy, but only after a few screens, the game gets harder and harder, requiring strategy for catching the aims on time and avoiding filling the screen with the expanding snake body. The game is very good example of how easy is to port popular software titles to the Oric Atmos computers. Most of the game action is on static screens (levels), but the game is still addictive and entertaining. At least several replays are required until all the levels are mastered. The random appearance of the targets across the screen, adds surprising factor into the always building strategy player. After completing the game Snake Byte on the Apple II, the Oric version comes as yet another hard to beat challenge for the retro gamers who adore old home computer games.

Download Snake Byte for Pravetz-8D (Oric)
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