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MazezaM (Windows)

The game MazezaM on Windows - title screen. MazezaM is a puzzle game, where the player have to pass through the levels by sliding the walls to left and right, opening corridors between. The rules seem simple, but the game gets harder and harder as the stages go on further. On some levels the reach to the end seem unsolvable, but there is always a solution at the beginning. If a level is rendered by the player unsolvable, there is a possibility for a replay in the room from the initial position, but this is at the cost of a life. After all the lives are used, the game is over and have to be started again from the first level. If the level room is passed, the player is rewarded with extra life, which comes handy in the next levels. The puzzle game for the AmigaOS was developed from scratch for many years, incorporating functions and features from other projects developed. Finally I ported it to the multiplatform SDL library, meaning it just needs a recompile, to work on other platforms, supported with the SDL. I used the basis already established with the BoxWorld port to Windows, AmigaOS 4 and Apple Mac OS X. Music songs, animations, scrolls and colorful graphics are present. All of them were developed for Amiga OCS and this is kept in the Windows port as well.

The game MazezaM on Windows - fourth stage. The Windows version have fourty-two levels, talking intro and nice outro sequence. Some of the rooms are small and very easy to overcome, but some of them are wide and a real headache to pass. The game is available on very wide range of platforms, with peculiarities and features corresponding to each different version, most of which where started from scratch and build upon. Currently it is available for the following computer and console systems:

  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum - original version written by Malcolm Tyrrell,
  • Amiga - the most developed version, basis for the other ports,
  • Apple Mac OS X - exact port of the AmigaOS 4 version.
  • Apple II - 4K minigame version with high resolution graphics and sprites,
  • Oric Atmos - the puzzle game returned back to its original platform,
  • Commodore 64 - written in 6502 assembler with nice music,
  • Coleco Vision - written in C, also working on the Coleco ADAM computers,
  • Game Boy Color (Classic) - colorful version for the little handheld,
  • Super Nintendo - SNES version with double sized graphics,
  • CP/M - version in text mode working on this ancient platform with VT52 terminal,
  • Java applet - version working in Java enabled browsers,
  • Rockbox - the game on the open sourced firmware for mp3 players.

The game MazezaM on Windows - eighth stage. Source code is always included in the game archives. MazezaM is very catchy game and its wide availability on the different range of platforms, makes it a perfect game for the puzzle games fans. It can be played with joystick or keyboard.

Download MazezaM (v1.24) for Windows 100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia
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