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King Kong (Sega Master System)

King Kong game for Sega Master System. Screenshot of the title screen.King Kong for Sega Master System is a remake of the famous Nintendo Game and Watch handheld - Donkey Kong, which is a classic in the genre. It is also noted as the first game on two screens, neither of which you would need a entertainment centers for flat screen TVs, but it would make for an amazing set up if you did, specially for King Kong. Because I have never seen a game and watch style game for the Sega Master System, but enjoyed such games either with their LCD originals, or their remakes on the Nintendo Gameboy or even on the Amiga, I made it for the Sega Master System as an entry submission for the SMSPower Coding Competition 2009. The game is done mostly in C language, compiled by Z88DK, with small parts written in assembler and uses both sprites and tiles for the graphics and the animations. The graphics use tile flipping tricks and palette optimizations to reduce size and fit in only 32 KB, which is the default ROM size of the SMS, without the use of bank switching cartridges. The goal of the game sounds easy - you have to go to the top of the building and catch the crane at the right time. When the crane is catched, a hook holding the King Kong is removed. When all the hooks are removed, the guerilla falls, the player is rewarder bonus points and the happy princess send air kisses to her saviour. Several obstacles make the goal harder. The guerilla throws barrels. If a barrel collides with the player, it takes him a life. There are also patterns on the building site, which can kill our hero, if they hit him. Or the player can fly away from the building, if he does not jump at the right time, or simply go to the wrong way. All these obstacles force the player to come up with a strategy for playing the game and scoring better results, which are kept in the BEST score register, shown on the bottom right of the game screen. The graphics are taken directly from the Amiga version of the game, which was a remake of the Oric 4K Kong game made for the Minigame Competition 2003, rewritten in C for portability reasons.

King Kong game for Sega Master System. Screenshot of the game during play. The sound effects are minimal. However, listening to them not only ads a sense of realism and added pleasure but is also a big helper and a lot of fun, where the player can adapt to the speed according to the ticks. Full source code is included in the package. During the development of the game I was in need to come up with my own tools for converting the graphics to the Sega Master System format. Also I was in need of an emulator for the testing, that's why I also ported the SMSPlus emulator for the AmigaOS 4, along with the conversion tools which I used some years before for developing the games Robbyie and AntiISDA Warrior and later the DCEvolution promotional intro. All in all the game took me several months of hard work to get all the things working and then tested to be playable and as I result I have built a very good development environment for 8 bit Sega programming. The game beside the nice intro screen also have an outro screen, which stimulates the player to finish it. The princess starts to smile if the guerilla falls to many times. Bonus lives are rewarded at certain points. There are also some other small surprises, which makes the game a polished product. The game is also available on Amiga Systems, Apple MacOS X and Microsoft Windows. Enjoy the game. Any comments and/or suggestions about the game are welcome.

Download King Kong (v1.0) for Sega Master System

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