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Solutions for the game Push box

level 01 level 02 level 03
level 04 level 05 level 06
level 07 level 08 level 09
level 10 level 11 level 12
level 13 level 14 level 15
level 16 level 17 level 18
level 19 level 20 level 21
level 22 level 23 level 24

The solutions provided here are for the game Push box, available for Vodafone 225. Some of the levels correspond to the levels of the game BoxWorld, available for AmigaOS, Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X, downloadable from this site. Most of the levels have several solutions with less/more moves and pushes. Submissions of different solutions with the comments form on the levels will be warmly appreciated. Any other comments, suggestions and opinions - do not hesitate to talk.

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