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AntiISDA Warrior (ColecoVision)

AntiISDA Warrior game for the ColecoVision - title screen.The game AntiISDA Warrior was first developed for Oric Atmos back in 2003. The main idea of the game I got, when resembling one of the demo BASIC programs in the book which came bundled with my Pravetz-8D computer. Because of the simplicity of the gameplay concept and the ease of porting it, I made it possible on wide range of computer and console platforms. Some of the systems on which it is already available, I have never touched or developed for before. One of these systems is the ColecoVision. The ColecoVision console, released in 1982, is very advanced, easy to program and capable games machine. But because of the videogames crash, it failed to gain enough popularity to sustain strong development for the next years. Only around 4 million units were sold. There is not much information or guides on how to program this popular in the 1980s console, but thanks to some experiments, plus trial and error, I compiled the first ROM, back in 2004. Even if I already had made Z80 assembler version of the game for the Sega Master System port, which used the same processor and similar graphics chipset, I decided to go with higher level programming language for programming the ColecoVision. The first version was finished on Amiga 4000 with Hitech C with help of the Daniel Bienvenu's and Marcel de Kogel tutorials, libraries and tools. Because I used the Amiga port of fMSX emulator for the testing, the game worked flawlessly only there, but refused to work on other emulators or real ColecoVision console. I fixed this with the use of SDCC, which is much faster and does not need the emulation of CP/M (I used emulated PC (with PC-Task), under CP/M {with 22nice} for the first version) for the compilation. The result is much smaller, cleaner and faster ROM. For the ColecoVision, I used pure ANSI C language and converting tools for making the graphics and sound data into C source code. The graphics are compressed with the RLE compression, which saves space on the ROM, at the expense of little delay at the beginning, when decompressing the image data to the video RAM.

AntiISDA Warrior game for the ColecoVision at the second level. The game goal and concept was kept intact on the ColecoVision as well. The story which I made by myself is still the same, only this time you are saving ColecoVision warez, which are going to be removed if you can not hold the attack. The game gets harder and harder with the levels passed, where the invaders go closer and closer to the missile (called pingbomb). The similarity to the game Space Invaders is not only coincidental, but here only the shots are movable, but not the enemies or the initial place for fire. To make the game colorful, I used all the ColecoVision palette, and the sound capabilities. The graphics are done on bitmap character screen, with redefined tiles for speed. If the attack is not hold, there is end screen with text, or if the attack is successfully removed, there is an outro text. The other platforms for which the game is also available are:

Download AntiISDA Warrior (v1.1) for ColecoVision
Download AntiISDA Warrior (v1.0) for ColecoVision
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