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Here is a bunch of Sinclair Software, written by me:
Garden Garden - game for ZX Spectrum. More Information

Go fishing.
Fisherman's Passions

Defend your fortress from the evil Orks.
Wall Defence

My Entries for the 2003 comp.sys.sinclair crap games competition - CSSCGC 2003.

Click on the screenshots to download the games...

Defend your site.
AntiISDA Warrior

Ruin the kegglies and win.
Bowling Masters

Reach the other white point to win.
Labyrinth 1

Steal Robes from the Robot factory.

Other stuff:

All these were tested with ASpEmu and ZXAM, but they should work on any other emulator and real Sinclair.

Snapshots of games right before completion in CBSpeccy frozen format:

Fire&Ice from n-Discovery

To use the frozen snapshots: On CBSpeccy - start the emulator, Load the TRD disk image of the game and then click Load Frozen..., select the file and click on Go!

On ASpEmu - start the emulator, click on the Load... button (under the Snapshot text) and select the snapshot file.

Download the games from Virtual TRD.

For Sinclair development I mostly use:
ASpEmu - This is one of the newest Sinclair emulators on the Amiga. Supports the 128KB Sinclair, Rainbow effects, TAP and TZX tape formats, and Z80, SLT, SP, frz, SNA and mirage snapshot formats. Not as fast as ZXAM, and doesn't have that many AREXX scripts. Coded with system friendly manners and works on AmigaOS 4 as well.

CBSpeccy - Very good Sinclair emulator with TR-DOS file system emulation, HOBETA and SCL support.

ZXAM - Supports only the 48K Spectrum, but emulates the AY-3-8912 Soundchip. The Custom AGA version gains 100% speed even on 68020/28MHz equipped Amigas. Have many useful AREXX scripts. Not updated since 1995.

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