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Garden (Sinclair ZX Spectrum)

Garden for Sinclair ZX Spectrum was first written in BASIC for the Comp.Sys.Sinclair Crap Games Competition (CSSCGC) back in 2003. Surprisingly it was well received by the reviewer, only mentioning that it was slow. Later in 2004 with the help of BASIC compiler running under Sinclair ZX Spectrum (native) I compiled it and made it fast enough to be enjoyable, named deluxe version. Like the other ports of the game, the idea is transformed from the Pravetz-8D game - Happening in the garden, which idea is taken from the IBM PC DOS game - Digger. The character of the game is controlled by keyboard, because there is no standard joystick interface on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

First screenshot of the game Garden for Sinclair ZX Spectrum on early level. Second screenshot of the game Garden for Sinclair ZX Spectrum on later level.

The graphics are colorful, representing colors of the standard Sinclair palette and using some of the extra presented colors, not available on the Pravetz-8D whose original version was only black and white. The Sinclair play field is slightly smaller than the original Pravetz 8D game, because the Sinclair ZX Spectrum text mode offers only 32 character wide display, but the characters are 7 pixels wide instead, which is used for some additional details to the graphics, like the hat of the pursuer. For the graphics the same concept as the Pravetz 8D version is used - redefined character set (pseudo graphic). The text is in capital and small letters, unlike on the original, where small letters are used for capital Cyrillic alphabet. The sound is represented by the built-in Sinclair ZX Spectrum beeper and usage of the Sinclair BASIC sound commands, without the usage of the AY-3-8912A sound chip, which is the same in the Pravetz 8D (Oric), but not present in the 48KB Sinclair models. The game is present as tap file (tape image) and loads relatively fast. Garden also have versions for Amiga, Apple 2 and Oric, each of them having peculiarities related to the specific platform.

Download Garden for Sinclair
Download original BASIC version from here.

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