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XRoar (Amiga)

XRoar is an emulator for the Dragon and Tandy computers. The Dragon and Tandy are eight bit home computers based on the 6809 CPU. Initially produced in Wales in early 1980ies, later they spawned some variants in other countries as well. Even if using very powerful processor - the eight bit smaller brother of the Motorola highly successful 16/32 bit 68000 and 68008 family, the lack of good peripherals, non quality software and small userbase, made the computer unpopular despite being with reasonable specifications for the period it was introduced. Nevertheless with XRoar you can experience the Dragon and Coco computers and tinker with the software available for them.

Screenshot of XRoar on Amiga with the game Frogger on smaller window. Screenshot of XRoar on Amiga with game on bigger window.

The Amiga version uses ASL filerequester for the selection of the virtual diskettes, cassettes or cartridges. There are 3 videomodes available for selection. The YUV overlay video output mode displays on resizeable window, which can be used directly on Workbench. The emulator supports Joystick via AmigaInput, have sound output and recognizes several formats for diskette images, snapshots and tapes. XRoar is new development, it is frequently updated and is already available for GP32, Nintendo Dual Screen, Linux and PSP. The Amiga version contributes to its wide availability on different platforms. Because of legal reasons, the original firmware ROM images are not included in the archive, but only a freeware replacement with very limited functionality. The replacement gives the possibility to load software, without the need of original firmware ROM image files. If you don't have any firmware images, you may like to try this one. It doesn't do anything beyond trying to boot OS9 (Dragon version), and only a few cartridge images work with it (mostly CoCo software - Dragon carts seem to always contain many more direct jumps into ROM). If you do have images, but want to try this one anyway, save it out and use "-extbas FILENAME" to load it instead of the normal Dragon 64 image.

Popular software titles for the Dragon computers include games
  • Manic Miner,
  • Frogger,
  • Chuckie Egg,
  • Jet Set Willy,
  • Donkey Kong,
  • Cassette 50,
operating systems
  • OS9,
  • Dragon DOS,
productivity software
  • Dragon Graphic Studio,
  • File Master,
  • Rainbow Writer,
  • 6809 editor assembler.

There is software for Dragon written by me, available in the Others section. Even if not being that popular, the XRoar emulator provides Dragon emulation with enhanced functionality compared to the other Dragon emulators for Amiga. The emulator gives great entertainment for the people to enjoy one more of the retro computers and the software written for them.

Download XRoar (v0.30.3) for AmigaOS 4

Older versions of the XRoar emulator are available from this page.

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