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Here are software titles for other platforms and computers, not covered elsewhere on the site:

AntiISDA Warrior CV The game AntiISDA Warrior for the Colecovision console
The game BoxWorld for Windows
BoxWorld 2
The game BoxWorld 2 for Windows
The game Chips for Windows
King Kong
The game King Kong for Windows
MazezaM CV
The game MazezaM for the Colecovision console and Coleco ADAM computer
MazezaM The game MazezaM for Windows
AntiISDA Warrior PC The game AntiISDA Warrior for the IBM-PC compatibles.

Works on computers from 1970ties.
MazezaM for the CP/M and VT52 terminals.

Not that good version
AntiISDA Warrior for Dragon 32 computers.
GigaBonux for Dragon 32 computers.

SolveKnight - modified and ported to MS-DOS.

For these platforms I use various emulators - PC-Task, PCx, DOSBox, AmiMSX, fMSX, Ami-CPC, emuCPC, Atari800, Electrostatic, DReAM, MESS, XRoar and many more.
Crossplatform compilers and assemblers, like CC65, dasm, z88dk, Hi-Tech C, WLA-DX, GBDK, plus native compilers and built-in interpreters for the computers.


Review of the game USA Raser for PlayStation
Review of the console system Playstation 2 (slim)
Review of the game Guitar Hero 5 for Playstation 2
Review of Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop
Review of Sony VAIO VPCF23P1E laptop

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